Personalize Your RTX-3 Wedge

Make it Your Own

Owning the Short Game Since 1979.

No golf company has more experience crafting, customizing, and innovating a single dimension of the game than Cleveland Golf with the short game. In 1979, we started this discussion; we started the science, the engineering, the tinkering, we made the short game matter. From the legendary 588 wedge, #1 selling wedge of all time, to the 588 RTX 2.0 of today, our dedication has led to multiple breakthroughs ranging from Multiple Bounces, Zip Grooves, Laser Milling and Precision Forged to our latest fitting solution - The Wedge Analyzer.

When you’re there, standing over a golf ball, maybe 125 yards out, where force meets finesse like nowhere else in the game, we’ll be there with you. We’ve been there for 37 years, and we’ll be there for 37 more, providing you equipment you can trust, where trust matters. Cleveland Golf, Owning the Short Game Since 1979.


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