Cleveland Golf Fitting Cart

The Cleveland Golf Fitting Cart was designed to give golfers and fitters the most comprehensive, intuitive fitting tool to ensure every golfer's wedges, irons, and woods are perfectly fit.

  • Most advanced wedge fitting system. As a wedge leader for more than 30 years, we know wedge model selection, distance gapping and bounce fitting are vital for lower scores.
  • Easy, intuitive design enhances experience for fitters and consumers
  • With options ranging from 588 Altitude to 588 Forged CB irons, all player types can receive a perfectly fit set of irons

Cleveland Golf Fitting Display

The Cleveland Golf Fitting Display is an efficient, effective, and elegant fitting tool. It stylishly displays clubs in the golf shop, and can easily be taken to the range for a thorough club fitting

  • Efficient, easy, and accurate fitting
  • Dial in model, shaft, length, lie, and bounce with this useful fitting tool
  • Stylish display draws attention





  • How do I get a Fitting Cart/Display?
    • Please contact your local Sales Representative to inquire about receiving a Fitting Cart or Display
  • How do I get replacement items? 
    • Certain replacement items can be ordered through Customer Service (wrench, weights, shaft sleeves, shaft-grip-sleeve configurations).  For all other items, contact your Sales Representative.
  • What do I do with old heads?
    • Once you receive replacement iron and wedge heads, you can recycle the old heads.  Note: all woods are billed as standard demos so they should be treated as standard demos once replacement woods are delivered.
  • I would like different grip samples than those included in the Cart.  How do I get those?
    • Cleveland Golf does not have additional grip samples.  Please contact the grip manufacturer (Golf Pride, Lamkin, or Winn) for additional samples.
  • Does the steel on the end of the shaft affect the weight?
    • No.  Cleveland Golf’s interchangeable mechanism removes a portion of the hosel from the club head, and then relocates that same amount to the shaft sleeve.  Therefore, the weight, performance, and feel of the club are identical to the production models.
  • Will the shafts produce standard club lengths in all the models?
    • Yes.  Cleveland Golf’s interchangeable mechanism was designed so the same shaft will produce the correct length will all head models.
  • How do I learn about Cleveland Golf’s fitting methods?
    • Download Cleveland Golf’s Field Manual to learn the recommend fitting practices.