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Get Score-Dropping Innovations with Cleveland Golf Men’s Golf Clubs

Cleveland Golf creates Men’s Golf Clubs with state of the art materials, cutting-edge processes, and proprietary technologies that help you play better golf. With men’s wedge and men’s putter advancements that you can’t get anywhere else, Cleveland Golf helps you dominate your short game.


When you choose Cleveland Golf Men’s Golf Clubs you’re getting decades of wedge mastery and putter innovation— the same short game technology relied on by golf professionals in tours around the world.


Ready to own 125 yards and in? Play Cleveland Golf men’s wedges and putters; designed in Huntington Beach, California: Where Scoring Matters.


Explore Cleveland Golf Men’s Golf Clubs:



65% of your golf shots are taken from 125 yards and in. With your wedge game making up more than half of every point on your scorecard, it’s crucial you play men’s wedges packed with score-dropping technologies.


Cleveland Golf has been dominating the wedge industry since 1979 when we released the 588 Wedge, the #1 selling wedge of all time. For decades, tour professionals and avid golfers alike have relied on our innovative short game technologies to score low and play better golf.


So, if you want to improve your short game performance, rely on Cleveland Golf Men’s Wedges to help you get there.



For guys who demand the ultimate in performance, versatility, and tour validation, the Men’s RTX-3 Wedge in Tour Satin, Tour Raw, and Black Satin is Cleveland’s highest performing wedge offering.


Generate massive spin with Rotex, the most advanced wedge face ever created. Tour Zip Grooves, Laser Milling, and Two Pass Micro Milling combine to generate the most spin and control from any men’s wedge we’ve made.


Feel balancing technology moves the center of gravity to the center of the face, closer to a male golfer’s ideal impact position. This helps the Men’s RTX-3 feel great and boosts consistency.


Smart Sole 3

The most forgiving men’s wedge we’ve ever made, the Smart Sole 2.0 wedge system makes it easy to get onto the green or out of the sand.


Stop struggling with your short game: with the refined soles and optimized lofts in Men’s Smart Sole 3 S and C wedges, you can finally stop hacking and start scoring.



Cleveland Golf Men’s Putters combine classic looks and designs with modern innovations that boost your performance on the green. From revolutionary alignment technology that helps you keep every put on line, to classic putter designs upgraded with new materials that enhance feel, Cleveland Golf Men’s putters offer everything you need to putt confidently and get in the hole with less strokes.


Huntington Beach Collection

Get the premium men’s putter experience without the premium price. Men’s Huntington Beach Collection putters are made with superior materials and processes with a price that’s right for any guy.


The ultra-soft 304 stainless steel has a precision milled face that softens feel and increases friction for a truer roll. The 6 tour-proven shape options are the same classic putter shapes chosen by PGA Tour professionals around the world for their reliability and aesthetics.

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