August 15, 2006

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA... Cleveland Golf is proud to announce that CG4 irons have been selected by Rankmark as a "Best of the Best" award winner in the iron category for their August, 2006 edition. The CG4 irons were selected as the highest rated irons among low handicap golfers (10 and below), as well as being selected as one of "Charlie's Picks".

Made from Cleveland Golf's proprietary CMM metal, CG4 irons are designed with the same material used in CG10™ and CG11™ wedges, as well as CG1™ and CG2™ irons. This revolutionary material contains microscopic carbon spheres that are suspended within the metal to help create a matrix material that is light-density properties of CMM metal allowed designers at Cleveland Golf to redistribute 25 grams of discretionary weight to the most critical areas of the clubhead for optimum performance. CMM metal contains 17 times more carbon than traditional carbon steel, which not only leads to greater vibration absorption, but also gives these irons a softer feel at impact. The overall design of the CG4 irons, combined with the benefits of CMM metal, has helped create irons with an exceptionally low and deep center of gravity (CG) and a moment of inertia (MOI) that is higher than any other iron in its class. The wider sole and cavity-back design of these irons also gives them both increased stability at impact and an even larger sweet spot for added forgiveness on off-center shots.