January 08, 2007

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA... Cleveland Golf is proud to introduce the HiBORE XL and XL Tour drivers as the latest addition to the HiBORE family of woods, as well as the latest winner on the PGA TOUR.

Vijay Singh started off his 2007 PGA TOUR season at the Mercedes Benz Championship by putting Cleveland Golf's new HiBORE XL driver in his bag and finished up the tournament on Sunday with yet another victory.

"I wanted this win, and I practiced hard for it," said Singh. "Got a new driver that I feel very comfortable with. It’s a new generation HiBORE and [I'm] driving the hell out of the ball," he continued. "I was totally in control of my game."

The HiBORE XL and XL Tour utilize Distance Driven Geometry™ by lowering the crown of these drivers which, in turn, lowers the center of gravity (CG) to produce the only face-centered sweet spot in golf. These latest drivers offer a new concept in golf known as Full-Face Performance (FFP) which is driven by a face-centered sweet spot and a more efficient energy transfer to the ball. The HiBORE XL’s larger face has also allowed its sweet spot to be expanded, while its larger chassis has increased moment of inertia (MOI) by 15% over the original HiBORE. This higher MOI has given the HiBORE XL even greater resistance to twisting on mis-hits, thus increasing stability and forgiveness on contact.

"Just as the highest jump is produced from the middle of a trampoline, all drivers will have the greatest spring effect at the geometric center of the clubface," said Chris Beck, Director of Product Marketing. "The fact that all other drivers will only produce effective launch conditions from the top of the clubface limits a golfer's ability to maximize trampoline effect. The HiBORE XL drivers take full advantage of this trampoline effect by aligning the sweet spot of the clubface with the hot spot of the clubface to produce longer and straighter drives."

The HiBORE XL drivers will begin shipping on January 15, 2007 and will carry an MSRP of $390 for the XL model and $450 for the XL Tour model. For more information on HiBORE XL drivers, please visit High-resolution images of Cleveland Golf products are available to download at under the Media Center. Please call customer service for user name and password information.