April 27, 2007

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA... Cleveland Golf is pleased to announce the introduction of their latest lines of CG RED and CG GOLD irons. The CG RED and CG GOLD irons have combined  Gelback™ Technology and next generation Micro-Cavity® Technology (MCT) to offer players of all levels increased benefits in the areas of feel, forgiveness and fit.

Cleveland Golf’s newly patented Gelback Technology consists of a lightweight, visco-elastic, vibration-dampening material, which is placed directly behind the hitting area of the clubface in the back cavity of the iron. Gelback is vibration-tuned to remove unwanted vibration on mis-hits while still allowing the player the necessary feedback from the clubhead’s soft yet responsive feel.


The superior I-beam structural design of this next generation of MCT helps provide the highest strength possible to the topline of these new CG RED and CG GOLD irons. The stiffer topline allows the face to remain undistorted and square through impact for more consistent and accurate shots. Impact vibration waves are also shortened by MCT, thus giving these irons a much more solid feel compared to traditional iron designs. This latest version of MCT not only provides added stability and forgiveness but also allows these irons to boast a 15% increase in their center of gravity (CG). This improved CG has been achieved by redistributing 10 grams of weight to lower and deeper locations on the clubhead.

Once determined if CG RED or CG GOLD irons are the ideal fit for a player, the set can be furthered dialed-in using color-coded hosel markings that denote if the irons’ lie angle are flat, standard or upright. Designed with Royal Precision flighted technology, the new CG GOLD steel shafts provide an exaggerated change in kickpoint within the club set which helps control ball flight. The long iron shafts are designed to launch higher and provide more spin to keep the ball in the air longer. As the set transitions into the short irons, the ball flight becomes slightly more penetrating to provide increased accuracy and maximum spin for control.

Available to ship on May 10th, 2007, the CG RED irons’ minimum advertised price (MAP) will be $699 and the CG GOLD irons MAP will be $599 (steel) and $699 (graphite). High resolution images are available at in the media section. Please call customer service for user name and password.