January 11, 2008

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA... Cleveland Golf is pleased to announce two new iron introductions for 2008, the CG Tour irons and HiBORE® / Gold Combo Set.

CG Tour Irons

These new players’ irons take traditional irons to a new level of feel and performance. Made from 8620 carbon steel, the CG Tour irons’ Tour proven shape was designed with the better player in mind. Their square toe and thin top line fit the better player’s eye and their progressive offset allows for increased workability and control. The CG Tour irons’ larger face design gives them increased stability while their increased muscle helps move the center of gravity (CG) lower and deeper within the clubhead to promote a higher ball flight, especially in the long irons. The CG Tour irons also boast precision milled faces and score lines, which gives players increased accuracy. These muscle back irons come in a platinum chrome finish to reduce glare at address and are offered standard with True Temper® Dynamic Gold® shafts.

Available to ship on February 15, 2008, the CG Tour irons will carry a MAP price of $799.

HiBORE® / Gold Combo Set

Cleveland Golf is also pleased to announce the introduction of their HiBORE/Gold Combo Set. Due to the current consumer demand for irons sets that include hybrids as replacements for long irons, Cleveland Golf has introduced the HiBORE/Gold Combo Set, which includes eight pieces; HiBORE three and four irons and CG Gold five through Pitching Wedge.

The easy to hit HiBORE three and four irons are made with hollow construction, extremely wide soles and buldge and roll on the faces, which all combine to produce shots that go high and straight regardless of where the ball is struck on the face. The CG Gold irons are also forgiving, yet provide the shot-making capabilities of perimeter-weighted irons. The HiBORE/Gold Combo Set is the best of both worlds, offering players maximum forgiveness and shot-making accuracy in precisely the areas where they need it most.

Available to ship on February 1st, the HiBORE/Gold Combo Set will have a MAP price of $599 for steel shafts and $699 for the graphite shafted model.