January 20, 2006

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA... Cleveland Golf is pleased to announce the addition of the CG11 Black Pearl™ wedge to its current best selling line of CG11 wedges.

The CG11 Black Pearl wedge features a slightly larger sole that is wider towards the heel and toe and narrows in the center. Weight is also redistributed to the perimeter of the club head creating a unique stability chamber. This helps golfers maintain their club head stability through impact, even on off-center hits.

Like the original CG11, the CG11 Black Pearl wedge is made from the same CMM™ metal. This revolutionary material is infused with 17 times more carbon than traditional 8620 and 1020 carbon steels, which help offer significant improvements in the areas of feel and performance. Microscopic carbon spheres suspended within CMM metal help create a matrix material that is 10% less dense and 15% softer than traditional carbon steel used in cast and forged club heads. CMM metal not only provides soft feel but also offers designers added freedom to redistribute weight for optimum performance. This new CG11 Black Pearl wedge, with its technologically advanced and multi-layered Black Pearl finish, is an alternative to the original satin chrome wedge. This finish consists of a double layer of Nickel (Ni) followed by an ultra-thin chrome coating. The Black Pearl layer, which is the final step in this proprietary finishing process, will not only help reduce glare making it easier to frame the ball at address but it will also give an added touch of style to any golfer's bag.

Currently available to ship, the new CG11 Black Pearl wedges carry an MSRP of $157.00 for a steel shafted version and $183.00 with graphite. High resolution images of the new wedges are available to download from in the media section. Please call for username and password information.