February 08, 2006

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA... Cleveland Golf is proud to introduce its latest offering of clubs due for release in spring of 2006.

CG4™ Tour Irons:
Made from CMM™ metal, these new CG4 Tour irons combine the benefits of CG2 and CG4 irons to create one of the most versatile sets in golf. These irons have a shorter blade length than the original CG4 irons, creating a more compact head for increased workability. Progressive offset throughout the set promotes easy-to-hit long irons and short irons that allow for more workability and greater trajectory control. The CG4 Tour iron's thin topline appeals to the better player's eye. MSRP for the CG4 Tour irons is $864 for steel shafted models and $1129 in graphite. CG4 Tour irons will begin shipping February 15, 2006.

Launcher® LP Irons:
These new irons are similar to the original Launcher irons in that they are made from 17-4 stainless steel and sport an extremely high MOI, which minimizes the loss of distance on shots that are struck off-center. The Launcher LP irons feature a low and deep center of gravity to help players, who struggle with their long irons, get the ball up in the air with less effort. These new irons also feature additional offset to promote a square clubface at impact. Offered as a seven-piece set, Launcher LP irons feature a lower profile for those golfers who desire more control in their game. Available only with steel shafts, MSRP for the Launcher LP irons is $504. They will begin shipping February 15, 2006.

CG1™ Black Pearl Irons:

Inspired by the PGA TOUR, the new CG1 Black Pearl irons are Cleveland Golf’s new flagship blades. Currently played by Vijay Singh, these irons feature new Micro-Mill technology. By applying CNC milling to both the face and grooves, Cleveland Golf has created an iron that is tuned for optimal trajectory and distance control for low handicap players. The CG1 Black Pearl irons also feature a multi-layer, micro-coating that drastically reduces glare, while allowing the club to maintain its soft feel. MSRP on the CG1 Black Pearl irons is $1155 for the steel shafted model and $1420 for graphite. They will begin shipping April 1, 2006.

588 DSG™ Wedge:
This latest addition to the Tour Action® 588 series of wedges brings state-of-the-art technology and versatility to the most popular wedge shape of all time. Though the original 588 wedge is considered the industry benchmark, the new 588 DSG has a unique Dynamic Sole Grind that allows the leading edge to remain closer to the ground when opening the clubface at address. This gives golfers more versatility to hit high and soft flop shots around the green. Made from 8620 soft carbon steel and featuring a milled face and grooves for maximum spin, MSRP on the 588 DSG is $133 for the steel shafted model and $157 for graphite. They will begin shipping March 1, 2006.

"Designed By" Putter Line:
Cleveland Golf's "Designed By" putters have always embraced the classic style and great head shapes from the past. These two new putters, a 1948 center-shafted true blade and a 1905 Calamity Jane replica, continue this tradition. Both putters feature CNC-milled faces and tungsten sole weighting and are made from CMM metal for exceptional feel. Along with this top-of-the-line technology, "Designed By" putters feature genuine leather grips for a feel of authenticity. MSRP on both "Designed By" putters is $165 and they will begin shipping March 1, 2006.

Cleveland Golf is also pleased to announce that it has expanded the available loft options on the Launcher Ti460 driver to include a new 15.5º high-lofted model. MSRP on the Launcher Ti460 driver is $315 and the high-lofted model will begin shipping February 15, 2006.