November 13, 2009

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA – Cleveland® Golf/Srixon® is pleased to announce the introduction of the ultimate wedge to their wedge family, the CG15™. The new CG15™ combines classic wedge design with advanced manufacturing technology. Adding to our breakthrough ZIP GROOVES™ technology, the CG15™ features a revolutionary surface roughness technology – called LASER MILLED™.

Laser Milled™ Face – Cleveland® Golf's precision surface roughness technology. Using the precision of a laser, four perfectly calibrated texture lines are Laser Milled™ between each groove. The result is a clubface featuring a perfectly consistent surface texture – right to the conforming limit. This breakthrough surface roughness application allows for optimal ball-to-clubface friction and maximizes spin under the Rules of Golf.

Zip Grooves™ – The breakthrough, envelope-stretching geometry from Cleveland® Golf. This patented technology features consistent milling of each groove to maximum conforming dimensions. The CNC machine form cutter bit is designed to the exact shape of the groove – creating grooves and edge radii with total precision. The absolute integrity of these grooves is maintained through the application of a proprietary coating to each groove for protection during the sandblasting process. Players are assured that groove volume is optimized to channel more debris at impact than traditional grooves. More spin is generated by this improved ball-to-clubface contact and this results in more consistent shot-making.

S Sole Grind – A 3-segment sole feature designed to increase versatility on all shots around the green. The wider sole width on the heel section improves forgiveness on open-faced shots by reducing digging – which is especially beneficial on bunker shots. The center section has a standard sole width for traditional Cleveland® wedge performance on square-faced shots. The toe section of the sole has material removed to reduced turf interaction and drag. This combination optimizes contact and sole function on all conceivable shots around the green.

Tour designed shape and offset – like every Cleveland® Golf wedge, the CG15™ shape is tour scrutinized to ensure the best possible address view and functionality. Players will notice that the CG15™ shape profile is a fraction smaller than previous Cleveland® wedge models. The smaller shape reduces turf interference, and the hint of offset encourages spin by promoting a downward strike. The face is slightly thicker to improve feel, and the S-sole is designed for improved versatility around the greens.

3-Bounce Fitting System - The CG15™ continues Cleveland® Golf's tradition of offering the most comprehensive selection of bounce and loft options to players of all skill levels. The Low, Standard, and High Bounce options are clearly displayed with the same 3 dot system used on all series wedges (1 dot = Low Bounce, 2 dots = Std Bounce, 3 dots = High Bounce). In addition, the bounce value (measured in degrees) is engraved on each sole providing players with even more information to help the selection and fitting process.

Traction Wedge Shaft - Engineered from Tip to Grip to improve feel and spin performance, the stiffness profile of Cleveland® Golf's TRACTION shaft reacts to the flex demands of any wedge shot. The tip section is slightly softer – improving feel and responsiveness. Stiffness was increased in the mid and butt sections of the shaft to assure optimal launch conditions and consistency on full shots. The combination consistently delivers the wedge head to the ball with a release that assures optimal “Traction” and spin performance on scoring shots.

The CG15™DSG couples all the features of the CG15™ wedge with a unique Dynamic Sole Grind (DSG) which enables players of all levels to open the clubface more easily at address. The CG15™DSG wedge allows square-faced shots to play like a standard bounce wedge. The leading portion of the sole is narrow with a high bounce angle, while the trailing edge sole grind provides low bounce performance on open-faced shots due to its lower leading edge. This combination of sole features allows players to hit high and soft touch shots with ease.

Cleveland® Golf's CG15™ wedges begin shipping immediately and will be listed at the minimum advertised price (MAP) of $119. The CG15™ is available in chrome, Black Pearl and Oil Quench finishes, while the CG15™DSG is only offered in the Oil Quench finish. High resolution images of the new CG15™ and CG15™DSG wedges are available to download from the media section.