September 05, 2003

CYPRESS, CA…Cleveland Golf is pleased to introduce its newest addition to the Launcher family of woods, the Launcher Titanium fairway woods. These new fairway woods, made from lightweight 6-4 titanium, have a lower and deeper center of gravity that helps to create a higher ball flight, greater distance and more forgiveness on off-center hits. The Launcher Titanium fairway woods are available in both right and left handed models and come in lofts of 13º, 15º and 19º. The MSRP on the Launcher Titanium fairway woods is $307.00 and will begin shipping the beginning of September 2003.

In addition to the new Launcher Titanium fairway woods, Cleveland Golf has also introduced several new line-extensions for fall 2003. The Launcher W-Series has added a new 12º titanium driver and a 27º fairway 9 wood. All Launcher W-Series woods, TA7 W-Series irons and Junior Series sets will also be available in new left handed versions. Cleveland's Classic putter line added a Classic X putter as well as a left handed model of the Classic IX putter. All products will begin shipping the beginning of September 2003. High and low resolution images are currently available at in the media section. User name: wedges. Password: sandshot