January 30, 2004

CYPRESS, CA… Cleveland Golf is pleased to announce the introduction of the CG10 wedge. This wedge is made from a new material known as Carbon Metal Matrix™ (CMM™), which offers significant improvements in the areas of feel and performance. Microscopic carbon spheres suspended within CMM help create a matrix material that is 10% less dense and 15% softer than traditional carbon steel used in cast and forged club heads. CMM not only provides soft feel but also offers designers a new found freedom to redistribute weight for optimum performance. Cleveland Golf has a patent pending for the exclusive use of CMM.

"The CG10 is a breakthrough product which offers a pure, soft feel never before achieved in any wedge," said Greg Hopkins, President/COO of Cleveland Golf. "We believe this wedge will turn the industry on its ear." The CG10 is available with a satin chrome finish with loft options of 52º, 54º, 56º and 60º. The 52º wedge is available with a standard bounce while all other lofts are available with three bounce options.

The MSRP on the CG10 wedge is $141.00 and will begin shipping on February 6th, 2004. High and low resolution images are currently available at in the media section.