January 29, 2004

CYPRESS, CA…Never Compromise is pleased to announce the introduction of its GRAYZONE™ putter line. This new line of putters consists of six different models, all featuring 303 stainless steel construction with aerospace-thin wall technology in the face and complemented by an all-new TransMatter II™ insert located in the back cavity of the putters. Derived from Never Compromise's breakthrough TransMatter™ inserts, TransMatter II is made out of 6061 aircraft aluminum which helps give these putters a more solid feel. The unique combination of face and insert technology, in the GRAYZONE line, creates and ideal heel-toe weight distribution and vastly improves inertia and conductive properties for unprecedented distance, control and feel. The trademark Black/Gray/Black color scheme also helps to frame the ball at address creating a more alignment friendly putter. Available models include:

GZ1 - Traditional heel-toe weighted blade with a modern plumberÂ’s neck. Available in both a right and left-handed model.

GZ2 - Modern snub nose cavity-back blade.

GZ3 - Elegant cavity-back blade with an in-plane, quick offset hosel.

GZ4 Belly - Flange-back mallet with center shaft.

GZ5 - Face-balanced flange mallet with a heel shafted, double bend shaft. Available in both a right and left-handed model.

GZ6 - Flange-back mallet with center shaft.

The GRAYZONE [1, 2, 3, 5 and 6] each have an MSRP of $125.00, while the GRAYZONE 4 Belly is listed as $155.00 MSRP. All GRAYZONE putters will begin shipping on February 15, 2004. High and low resolution images of all GZ models are available at in the media section.