September 02, 2004

CYPRESS, CA... Cleveland Golf is pleased to announce the expansion of its women's W-Series line with the addition of the W-Series Offset woods and TA6 irons, as well as the redesigned 588W wedge.

The W-Series OS driver and fairway woods are designed specifically for women who consistently hit a weak fade or slice. The offset makes it easier for golfers to more easily rotate the clubhead at impact, thus reducing the tendency to slice. The W-Series TA6 irons have been designed with less material in the cavity and more weight in the sole and perimeter which helps to create a higher moment of inertia as well as increased stability at impact. The design of these new game improvement irons has also helped create an enlarged sweet spot making it easier for players of all levels to get the ball in the air quicker, while hitting straighter and more consistent shots. The 588W wedges remain the same industry benchmark for classic wedges but with an all new Double Nickel Cobalt finish.

The W-Series OS woods and TA6 irons are available with lightweight graphite shafts made specifically for women. The 588W is available in both graphite and steel shafted models with loft options of 53º, 56º and 60º. The MSRP on the W-Series OS driver is $249 with the fairway woods listed at $175. The MSRP on the W-Series TA6 irons is $684 (set of 8) with the 588W listed at $116 (graphite shaft) and $108 (steel shaft).

All new W-Series products will begin shipping on September 15, 2004.