October 20, 2004

CYPRESS, CA... Cleveland Golf announces the introduction of the Launcher 460 Comp driver. This 460cc multi-material driver combines the benefits of lightweight carbon fiber composite with the strength of beta titanium producing higher launch angles with reduced spin to give players of all levels added distance off the tee.

The new Launcher 460 Comp driver is made with an ultra-lightweight tri-ply carbon fiber composite crown. This lightweight section allows for the redistribution of 25 grams of weight to lower and deeper locations around the clubhead perimeter. This redistribution of mass reduces the center of gravity (CG) height and moves it further away from the face to produce drives with high launch and low spin from a greater percentage of the clubface. This same mass redistribution also allows for additional weighting to critical perimeter areas that help dramatically increase moment of inertia (MOI), or the resistance to twisting on off-center shots. In addition, an Argonquenched SP700 beta-titanium laser-welded face helps create a hitting area that increases ball speed at all locations.

One of the principle drawbacks with most other new multi-material drivers is the sound they emit at impact. Through extensive research and added testing, the engineers at Cleveland Golf were able to better analyze and ultimately optimize the impact sound of the new Launcher 460 Comp driver. This added emphasis on clubhead acoustics has helped Cleveland Golf to create the best sounding multimaterial driver on the market today.

"This new driver is another great addition to the Launcher family of woods," said Greg Hopkins, President/CEO of Cleveland Golf. "It is the largest, hottest, longest and straightest driver in golf. If you like the Launcher 460, you'll love the Launcher 460 Comp."

The MSRP for the Launcher 460 Comp driver is $479 and they will begin shipping on November 1, 2004. High and low resolution images of the Launcher Comp driver are available at in the media section.