November 30, 2004

CYPRESS, CA... Featuring a unique design in the clubhead's interior, Cleveland Golf introduces the new Launcher Driving Iron (LDI). The clubhead of this iron was hollowed in order to incorporate a strategically located internal weighting system. It's this distinctive combination of space and weight which lowers and deepens the center of gravity and increases the Moment of Inertia (MOI) well beyond that of standard irons.

These improved properties produce a penetrating ball flight with added stability for distance and consistency. The end result is a club that is easy to hit and an excellent choice for tight tee and long approach shots. What has made these irons so popular with better players is their extreme effectiveness. In fact, the LDI is such a consistently effective club, that when the first prototypes were introduced at the long, tight and unforgiving 2004 PGA Championships, six Tour professionals, including David Toms, put them into play immediately. "The LDI shouldn't be confused with the 'helper' clubs that are available. This is a club that's built to be used as a driving iron," said Todd Harman, Director of Product Marketing. "Better players will really benefit from it off the tee on tight driving holes."

Available in lofts of 18° and 21°, Launcher Driving Irons will be ready to ship starting December 1, 2004. MSRP on this new iron is $142 with a steel shaft and $191 with a graphite shaft. High and low resolution images are available to download at in the media section.