August 01, 2005

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA… Because not everyone who plays golf hits the ball consistently straight off the tee, Cleveland Golf ntroduces the Launcher Ti460 Offset driver. Cleveland designers have taken the technological benefits of the new Launcher 460 driver and added offset technology. This combination of technologies helps golfers who typically hit a fade or slice keep the driver's face square through impact for consistently straighter shots.

Like the Launcher Ti460 driver, the Ti460 Offset driver has a 460cc chassis and plasma welded SP700 beta titanium face. As the only driver of its kind from a leading manufacturer to have these two qualities, the Launcher 460 Offset has a huge sweet spot and a high resistance to twisting to give players maximum forgiveness and carry distance even when they hit their ball off center.

"Not all of us have the time or money to play golf or even practice as much as we'd like," said Greg Hopkins, President/CEO of Cleveland Golf, "So I get excited when our R&D team comes out with something that'll help people who struggle enjoy the game a little more."

To compliment the new offset driver, Cleveland Golf will also introduce matching steel offset fairwaywoods. The Launcher Steel Offset fairway woods share many of the benefits of the driver with the exception of the club's face. Made from Carpenter Custom 455 Stainless steel, these fairway woods feature a face which is more technologically advanced than the steels used in most steel headed clubs today.

Slated to begin shipping October 3rd, 2005, the Launcher Ti460 Offset driver features a graphite Launcher Silver shaft and has an MSRP of $390. The matching offset fairway woods, featuring the same shaft, will have an MSRP of $249. High resolution images of these new woods are available to download from in the media section.