Date Posted04/May/2011
Date of Availability04/May/2011
LocationHuntington Beach, CA
Employment TypeFull Time
Required Education4 Year Related Degree
Required Experience5-15 Years Relevant Experience
Job Description

Conceptualizes, engineers, and develops concept and tour – specific metalwood models.  Researches emerging materials and technologies in all engineering and manufacturing fields for their potential application to golf.  Researches golf club performance through the use of robotic, player, and virtual testing (simulation) with the goal of engineering golf clubs that improve performance for all and/or specific player types.  Utilizes fundamental and advanced knowledge of golf club design to create concept prototype products and/or modified production products with the goal of evaluating designs, materials, and technologies prior to implementation in production programs. 

  1. Interfaces with Research Engineers, Industrial Designers, Project Engineers, CAD Specialists, and Test Dept team members to develop pre-production prototypes for the purpose of demonstrating performance or cost-driven concepts prior to implementation in production programs.
  2. Conceptualizes new engineering-driven ideas and creates test matrices in order to evaluate concept products.
  3. Interfaces with Cleveland Golf’s Asian Operations staff and suppliers as a pre-production development engineer during prototype and material development programs.
  4. Measures/verifies specifications of concept prototype models, masters, waxes, as-cast parts, and other components during the prototype development process.
  5. Organizes necessary concept prototype testing (mechanical, materials, performance, acoustic, etc.) through the Product Testing staff and Research group.
  6. Serves as a liaison between research and project engineering as concept products move from proven concept prototypes to scheduled production programs.
  7. Researches, quantifies, and logs specifications, performance traits, and manufacturing techniques of Cleveland Golf and relevant competitor’s products.
  8. Generates and evaluates technical reports to aid in the development of new concepts, products, equipment, or processes.
  9. Prepares technical reports for use by RND, marketing, I.P. and/or management personnel for long and short-range planning.
  10. Develops fixtures and measurement devices for use measurement, testing, assembly and fitting.
Job Requirements
  • B.S. in Engineering (minimum)
  • 5-15 years relevant experience to be considered for Senior Level
  • Creative design engineering mind
  • Detail-oriented
  • Multi-tasking
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Team player
  • Ability to travel as necessary
  • Golfer preferred
  • Background in manufacturing processes associated with casting, forging, forming, stamping, machining, milling, molding, etc. a plus
  • U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident Status