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  • Putting Greatly Improved!

    I knew the first time I picked up this putter and tested it, it was for me. I have been p…
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    – Seth Odor

  • smart square

    I have had this putter for three round,s and have been dropping them from ever where.
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    – aaron grieve

  • sexy putter

    the putter looks even better in person.
    the ball jumps off the face, with a great feel.

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    – charles mallalieu

  • Face Squaring For Dummies

    Been using this putter for a few weeks now. The squares are very easy to line up and gett…
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    – Rancey Sparks

  • Should be on your short list

    Cleveland has done an outstanding job on this putter. If you’re in the market f…
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    – Mike Drabicky

  • Smart Square putter

    I’ve had the Smart Square putter for two weeks now. Through 4 rounds and a few practice se…
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    – Barry Johnston

  • It just makes sense

    I have found, in the past, that using a normal putter I have the tendency to miss some put…
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    – James Vaughn

  • Smartsquare

    Absolutely love the alignment, it makes it so easy to aim while standing over ball. Weight…
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    – Rob Dean

  • Trust the Squares.

    I believe Cleveland saw an idea, and found a way to make that idea better. Alignment lines…
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    – Ryan Johs

  • SMART / SQUARE Putter

    The new putter from Cleveland is an attention getter. Everyone I played with wanted to tr…
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    – Jeff Bullock

  • smartsquare putter

    Received the smartsquare putter and have tried it on 4 different golf courses which have …
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    – richard trevino

  • Awesome

    I’ve played three rounds with it so far and haven’t missed a putt inside of 7 feet. The s…
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    – Jacob Wainwright

  • smartsquare

    played 2 times with new smartsquare putter once on bermuda greens and did 6 strokes better…
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    – art lawton

  • Easy, Accurate, Fun

    When I first seen the ads for this putter I got really excited. I could never align the 2-…
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    – Dustin Klose

  • Smart Square Putter could be a game chan…

    First, I’m a big fan of alignment aided putters and adjustable weighted clubs. I’ve owned…
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    – Pete Kim

  • Smart Square Putter

    The squares definitely helped with alignment aid. Wish the putter was slightly heavier. …
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    – Michael Ruuska

  • Squares beats Apple

    The video is even better than Apple’s. I would take out the “Beats your mates.” line to ke…
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    – Charles Smith

  • SmartSquare

    great look

    – Peter Valletti

  • SmartSquare

    Looks great!

    – Gary Mathias