Take Control: Get Distance and Total Precision

Launcher CBX Irons use a cavity back and a cup face to help you achieve incredible distance. But it’s their wedge spin technology that gives you total control around the course.

With Laser Milling and Tour Zip Grooves, you get precision plus distance, in a forgiving set of irons that’s easy to swing.

Distance + Control from Anywhere on the Course

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Experience the Score-Dropping Technologies in Launcher CBX


Tour Zip Grooves and Laser Milling Put Total Control in Your Hands

Laser Milling roughens the face which increases friction and enhances spin for wedge-like control.

Tour Zip Grooves channel debris away from the ball so you get consistent spin and control in the fairway, rough, or sand.


Progressive Shaping is the Best of Both Worlds: Distance and Control

Launcher CBX long irons use a thicker top line and low profile to give you maximum distance.

Launcher CBX short irons use a compact shape and thin top line to provide more control.


The Launcher Cup Face Gives You Distance Plus Forgiveness in the 4i-7i

With added high-strength steel around the perimeter and a thinner overall face thickness, the Launcher Cup Face in the 4i-7i flexes at impact, imparting more energy to the ball.

This increases ball speed—especially on off-center hits—so you get more distance and more forgiveness.


Progressive Dual V-Shaped Sole Grinds are Forgiving and Versatile

The V Shape lets you cut smoothly through the turf with minimal loss of speed for better contact and distance control.


Feel Balancing Technology Means Consistent Performance

A microcavity in the hosel moves the center of gravity closer to the middle of the face, enhancing feel and distance control.

With a sweet spot closer to your ideal hitting location you get more forgiveness in every iron.


John Rae, Vice President of R&D, on the New Launcher CBX Irons

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