Award-Winning Distance & Forgiveness

"A generous club with a lot of forgiveness."
Golf Digest

"The most forgiving irons in golf."
Golf Magic

"Tremendous forgiveness."
Plugged-In Golf

"Effortless to hit with the excellent shaft providing all the stability you need."

"I’m confident I now have the tools to get down to the low."
Golf Monthly

"If you closed your eyes, you’d swear you’re hitting a forged blade. The feel is that good."
Golf Digest

"Testing shows the CBX long irons are remarkably easy to launch due to their low profile and low center of gravity."
My Golf Spy

"A quality set of irons that launches high with control."

"Launch it high, hit it straight. "
The Golf Warehouse

"Easy to hit and long."
Plugged-In Golf


"What impressed me the most about the Launcher CBX Irons was how straight they went. Just dead straight."
Chris Wallace


"I reckon I could tour the world converting people to this club because not enough of you are using this type of have got to go and try these."
Mark Crossfield

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  • Hollow Construction
  • Easy Launch
  • Extreme Forgiveness



  • Wedge Grooves
  • Max Distance
  • Pinpoint Accuracy


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